Project Description

Alila Hotel and Resort

Project Description

Project 3203: Automatic Shade – Al Usturah.

Shade Type: Automatic Shade – PVC materials European.

An essential shape that can integrate perfectly with the building and the surrounding space but equipped with great effectiveness. Al Usturah is a new generation automatic shade with a retractable cover suitable for open space or reserved environments. The aluminum structure with stainless steel components can reach the dimensions of 15 by 10 meters Offering total protection from rain, thanks to the tilting gutter system and PVC Fabric. It is easy to move at the touch of a remote-control button or smartphone and allows for customization with a wide range of colors. Each model can also equip with LED spotlights integrated in the design to allow for use during the evening hours, ensuring greater brightness in enclosed spaces and wind sensors.

Client: Alila Jabal Akhdar.

Location: Jabal Akhdar.

We are one of the most modern, fully integrated, manufacturing plant in the shade and sun protection industry in Oman. We manufacture parts, awnings and shading systems with high expertise, drawing on years of experience.

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