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ShadesOman is committed to provide innovative & environment friendly protection to your space: a building, house, workplace or an open-air architecture: a swimming pool, play area, a patio. ShadesOman is one of the most modern, fully integrated and environmentally conscious organization of the region. ShadesOman manufacture parts, awnings, Pergolas and shading systems with high expertise, drawing on years of experience. ShadesOman, we cover every step of development from design, manufacturing, assembling, up to the sales and maintenance, providing customized, natural & environment friendly shading solutions. Reliable, functional, durable and elegant designs capable of satisfying even the most difficult applications.

We have established ourselves as a producer and supplier of high-quality products, which are produced & assembled in Oman, using high-quality raw materials from renowned suppliers in Australia, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Japan & the USA. Accompanied with internationally recognized certifications.

ShadesOman, we also have specialized products with automation, remote control, etc. that can be adapted to every need and personal style.
We strive to dominate the shading systems market by being pioneers in providing smart and effective Shading solutions. We have established a reputation of being innovative, reliable and cost-effective shading solutions providers of Oman. Our partnerships and suppliers span across the globe, with an ever-growing network of high-end producers to meet the unique shading solutions challenges. The ability to produce shading systems, tailored to even the most demanding requirements (custom), which at the same time are characterized by unparalleled quality and unique aesthetics, gives ShadesOman clients an added value. The production facilities are in Misfah Industrial Area of Capital region of Oman. Our sales offices are based on 18th November street. Our workforce is highly trained and technically knowledgeable. Respect to the final consumer, staff’s professionalism, excellent and prompt service are also among the key ingredients that have given ShadesOman a competitive advantage.


@shadesoman, we firmly believe that success derives from the principles on which our efforts are based; from a clear, non-negotiable goal that determines every step, every decision. For shadesoman, this goal was, is, and always will be – Natural, customized solutions for people – Environment-friendly solutions Offering integrated, efficient and reliable shading that respect humans and care for the environment, contributing to energy savings.

So is constant development and innovation, accountability, honesty, professionalism, but also the guaranteed quality in all our products, from the system and the mechanism to the fabrics and colors. All the above summarize the basic philosophy of shadesoman, on which we have built partnerships with our suppliers, and our relations with the final consumers. Relationships of trust, not a client but a client-partner relationship. which enables us to continuously upgrade our products, drive developments in the field of shading and continue the upward trend in the market.


Sun protection, energy saving & architecture Hot regions like Middle eastern countries, where sunshine is the most common weather phenomenon, the use of an external shading system is essential to any building. It is vital, as it is directly related to saving energy, creating a good relationship between the building and the environment, but also to protect humans from harmful UVB sunlight when outdoors. The need for research, study, creation and use of modern and effective sun protection systems becomes even more urgent, because of the outbreak of ecological problems. In Middle eastern countries the energy consumed annually for air conditioning is higher for commercial, industrial and residential users than that consumed for other operations. Therefore, it should be made so as not to overheat the interior of the building with the invasion of the sun. The appropriate external shading system can provide a strong defense against the sun rays, creating a kind of filter between the external and internal environment. It significantly reduces the heat that enters the space and hence the temperature (up to 10˚C), while limiting the use of air conditioners. Similarly, the use of an awning or an umbrella with high quality and protective cloth – fabric, effectively protects against the UVB rays of the sun that are carcinogenic or cause irritation and burns.

Controlled exposure of a building to the sun can result in the ideal internal temperature and impressive energy savings. But the role of shading systems is not limited only to preventing the sunlight when it is unpleasant. At the same time, it must allow entry inside, when desired, ensuring -in each case- proper ventilation and room lighting. However, the light control process within a structure is quite complex and specialized knowledge is required, since the way the light falls on a building is not static. It varies from season to season, depending on the time of day, climate, orientation etc. And of course, sun protection systems are important elements of the appearance of buildings, contributing not only to functionality, but also in their aesthetic, interacting and collaborating with the architecture. Hence, we, at shadesoman, work closely with our partners and clients, to tailor make, shading solutions that not only enhance the functionality of the space but also contributes towards aesthetically coherent structures that are unique to the environment of the specific area. Our raw materials are naturally degradable hence our impact on climate is reduced to the most effective parameters expected from the environmentally friendly corporate standards at shadesoman.

We are one of the most modern, fully integrated, manufacturing plant in the shade and sun protection industry in Oman. We manufacture parts, awnings and shading systems with high expertise, drawing on years of experience.

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