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Al Rouiah 5

Al Rouiah 4

Al Rouiah 4

Al Rouiah 3

Al Rouiah 3

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Al Rouiah 2

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Al Rouiah 1

Al Rouiah

An ideal blend of design, technology and wellness, Bioclimatic pergolas – Al Rouiah make it possible to obtain an outdoor structure that is perfectly integrated within the residential or contract context, contributing to the reduction of polluting processes with a significant advantage for the environment.

As the name suggests, bioclimatic pergolas are characterized for the completely natural climatic comfort that they provide: an aspect that makes them among the most popular solutions for those who want to optimize terraces, gardens and rooftops.

An innovative structure made entirely of aluminum, able to enhance outdoor spaces just like indoor ones, eliminating the differences between what is outside and what is inside. Elegant, essential and clean, Al Rouiah allows you to live outdoors all year round thanks to the blades able to rotate 140 degrees allowing natural air recirculation and brightness adjustment. In case of poor weather, the structure offers total protection and a range of customization possibilities- from the finishes, to accessories, to automatism managed by a practical remote control. A device that guarantees complete closure and maximum protection along the entire perimeter of the pergola, in a truly minimal space, which enhances the essentialism of the entire structure.

Al Rouiah also have an essential design that matches specific technological choices of absolute quality– for a simple and rationalized daily use. These are structures made of aluminum and fine certified materials, all of which guarantee durability and reduced maintenance.
Al Rouiah structures can be customized with an exclusive palette of variety of colors created by our partner. In order to remain eco-friendly and value human health, no solvents are used during the painting process, and the powders are almost 100% recoverable. The powders used by our partners ensure greater resistance to UV rays, salt and humidity, with colors remaining brilliant over time.

⦁ Rotating Sun-shade blades
⦁ Square Spotlight Integration
⦁ LED Line parameter
⦁ Rainwater Drainage
⦁ Integrated Electric System
⦁ Free-standing pergolas pairing two models
⦁ Free-standing pergolas pairing three models
⦁ Free-standing pergolas pairing four models
⦁ Two models with different depth
⦁ Pergolas with central crossbeam

Al Rouiah Layout 1

Al Rouiah Layout 1

Al Rouiah Layout 2

Al Rouiah Layout 2

Al Rouiah Layout 3

Al Rouiah Layout 3

Al Rouiah Layout 4

Al Rouiah Layout 4

Al Rouiah Layout 5

Al Rouiah Layout 5

Spotlights – White & RGB

Colors and intensity are autonomously adjustable with a remote control. The white and RGB LED system is integrated into the perimeter profile sections, for a homogeneous lighting of the area underlying the structure. The remote control allows you managing both the light level and the colors variants The warm white dimmable intensity Spot. Light LED spots can be recessed into the blades of the roof.


RAL 9016 – white Standard

RAL 1013 – Ivory

RAL 9006 – Grey

RAL 9010 – White

RAL 1013 – Ivory – semigloss

RAL 9006 – Grey – Bright Aluminum

Any Other RAL COLOR:
Shadesoman can satisfy any need. RAL colors other on demand, with specific reference to RAL color swatch.

Wooden Textures
As for Wooden textures specific colors are available.


The adjustable sun-shading blades with a rotation from 0° to 140° create a perfect microclimate: the temperature regulated by shading, sun protection, and pleasant air flow system

Thanks to natural energies such as the sun and the wind, blades create a pleasant and refreshing environment, modulating the sunlight and adjusting the flow of air

They reduce the consumption of heating, air conditioning, lighting, while respecting the surrounding environment and limiting pollution.

Structures responsive to modern parameters of bioclimatic architecture that require respect for the environment, reduction of polluting resources, and the creation of environments with thermal comfort

Offering natural comfort even indoors, protecting from the sun and reducing heating and air conditioning consumption

Opera lets you modulate the light directly or indirectly, depending on the solar orientation and the desired light intensity thanks to rotation from 0° to 140° with infinite intermediate positions

Offering extension of indoor spaces and make open air environments livable all year round

The materials used in bioclimatic pergolas are 99% recyclable.

Remote Control & Automation

Al-Rouiah are operated by:
– wired motor
– Somfy IO motor and multichannel remote control
– Can be easily integrated with any local suppliers worldwide for operations through mobile devices
on iOS or Android.

All products can be equipped with
safety automations (wind, rain) and comfort automations (sun, temperature).

Wall-mounted remote control.

Remote control with individual or group control functions.

Smoove Origin io

Situo 1 io | Situo 5 io

Mobile devices
Easy Integration With iOS or Android Mobile devices.


Maximum comfort thanks to the homogeneously diffused and adjustable LED lighting developed on the basis of a careful lighting study.

Watertight tested and certified by the renowned Institutes by simulating a precipitation of 369 mm/h at a pressure of 3.4 bar in an indefinite time (except for events considered exceptional).

Wind resistance tested based on the Beaufort scale by evaluating the performance when sizes vary for each individual structure (data calculated with a complete structure of perimeter closures).
Water drainage with retractable Downspouts.

Each Al-Rouiah is pre-assembled and tested at the company, checking its compliance with the project, the operation and the quality of the electrical, mechanical and electronic parts.

42-function radio remote control for convenient management with just one blade unit, lighting and perimeter closures.

Minimum consumption Handling with only 1 low absorption motor (48 watts max). Technical compartment and inspection of conveniently accessible control units.

Silence feature: the movement noise was measured at 53 decibels.

Wide choice of painting, with the possibility of having different colors for blades and the structure.

Maximum security the electrical and water-drainage systems are absolutely separate. every single
electric component has a degree of protection (IP) compliant with the use. the electrical system is
preassembled and tested within the company.

Declaration of conformity Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Technical standards for electrical
Systems EN 60335-1 – EN 60335-2-97 EN 13561.

Mechanisms operation electric ones even at low temperatures ‒
Structure min. -10/max. 50°
Engines, min. -21°/ max.

Al-Usturah Pergolas have a 5- year Warranty standards (Electrical items 1 – year) and all motors used
are from somfy.

Al-Usturah Pergolas come with a unique identity that identify the product, guarantee our authenticity and allow you to immediately track their characteristics for the purpose of the warranty. The identity code contains an alphanumeric code and a bar code through which you can trace all the characteristics of the product: type, sizes, components, fabrics, date of manufacture.

Declaration of conformity
– Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC; 2014/30/EC
– Technical standards for electrical systems,
EU Regulation No. 305/11,
EN 60335-1 – EN 60335-2-97
EN 13561.

Declaration of conformity
– Technical standards for Aluminium components,
EU Regulation No. 305/11, EN 15088
Chemical Composition EN 573-3
Tolerance on dimensions & shape
EN 755-9. Weldability / Bendability
EN 1999-1. Fatigue Strength EN1999-1-3. Durability (against Corrosion) EN1999-1-1

AUTOMATIC ITEMS – Optional RAIN SENSOR at the first drops of water, it controls the automatic closing of the pergola.

WIND SENSOR If the set reference value is exceeded, the sensor sends the opening command for the pergola.

SNOW SENSOR the rain sensor combined with the temperature sensor to prevent the accumulation of snow.

TEMPERATURE SENSOR device that commands the opening of the pergola if the temperature falls below 2°C.

MY HAND allows you fully and autonomously driving your bioclimatic pergola directly from any smartphone and tablet. (customization & integration by your local supplier of automation).
All motors and remotes are from Somfy, hence making it accessible and universally acceptable compatibility features with most suppliers of Home Automation worldwide.

We are one of the most modern, fully integrated, manufacturing plant in the shade and sun protection industry in Oman. We manufacture parts, awnings and shading systems with high expertise, drawing on years of experience.

10 Year Warranty

Sun Protection

Wind Protection

Rain Protection

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